Introduction to Mental Health Interpreting – Robyn Dean and Robert Pollard, Ph.D.

Learn the fundamentals of mental health interpreting with the leaders in the field, Robyn Dean and Robert Pollard, Ph.D. This is a program with an independent study focus on core competencies and a simultaneous online interactive group which meets on a regular basis. For additional information, please see the course syllabus.

Understanding Deaf Culture – Elijah Buchholz

This webinar will teach participants how to provide culturally sensitive and competent mental health services to members of the Deaf community through gaining a better understanding of the culture and its specific needs. Participants will also gain a better understanding of Sign Language and how this can affect the process of communication in mental health treatment. Participants will learn how ADA applies to working with Deaf individuals in mental health settings as well as how to work more effectively with interpreters in these settings.

Working with Interpreters – Elijah Buchholz

This webinar will teach viewers how to effectively work with an interpreter in a mental health setting and is geared towards sign language interpreters/Deaf consumers; however the tips can be used for foreign language situations as well. Included are general tips as well as what to do before the session, during the session, and after the session.

Deaf Services Training Program

The Deaf Services Training Program is for clinicians to learn about Deaf culture, American Sign Language (ASL), including its features, its significance in the Deaf community, and the ASL skill variance in the Deaf population; medical and psychosocial aspects of the Deaf population; English fluency limitations in the Deaf community, including speech reading and reading/writing limitations; fund of information limitations in the Deaf community; how diagnosis treatment effectiveness and treatment efficacy differ in regard to deaf vs. hearing individuals; and effective working relationships between interpreters and clinicians.

Deaf Services Training Live Version

Unit 1: Introduction/American Sign Language
Unit 2: Deaf Culture
Unit 3: Hearing Loss and Development
Unit 4: Dysfluency, Literacy, Fund of Information
Unit 5: Working With Interpreters
Unit 6: Evaluating Deaf Clients
Unit 7: Effective Treatment and Treatment Teams