The Office of Deaf Services is an agency-wide policy and program development office for the Department of Mental Health (DMH). The Director of Deaf Services is responsible for consultation and assistance to DMH facilities and providers delivering mental health services to eligible individuals who are Deaf, hard of hearing or from cultural minority people groups. Activities for systemic development include policy development, evidence based practices and program development informed by advisory input of DMH stakeholders.  For individuals who are requesting service for psychiatric, substance abuse or a developmental disability, the below links provide information about applying for services.

Deaf Services Director Resigns

The Department announced today that Bob Bax, DMH Deputy Director, will temporarily serve as the acting director of Deaf Services as the Department recruits to permanently fill the Deaf Services leadership position. DMH plans an open recruitment and hiring process that will involve key stakeholders of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.

“Elijah Buchholz has provided strong leadership for the DMH Office of Deaf Services during the last few years,” Bax said. “He has laid a good foundation for communication and an understanding of the needs of Missouri’s Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. The Department wishes Elijah well in his new position.”

Deaf Services Lawsuit Settlement

The Department of Mental Health has entered into a settlement agreement regarding services provided to deaf consumers eligible for Department services. Part of that settlement is an obligation to provide Notice to those affected by the settlement. For more information, see the Settlement Notice (Exhibit A) and/or Settlement Agreement.

Mental Health Services to Medicaid-eligible Deaf Persons

The Department of Mental Health (DMH) has established clinical standards of care for deaf individuals for DMH operated facilities. These clinical standards of care detail the system of delivery of mental health services to deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals who are eligible for services from or through DMH and/or the Missouri Department of Social Services. If a Medicaid or MO HealthNet provider is of the view that it is unable to meet the needs of a qualified individual, that provider may wish to consult with a DMH facility or administrative agent, to ascertain whether the facility or agent could provide services meeting such needs. Contact information for DMH facilities or administrative agents are available through the following links:

Quick Links for Information

The Office of Deaf Services is a Department of Mental Health office and only addresses mental health needs. For more general information and resources related to Deafness, please use the following links.