Self Determination

The Missouri Division of Developmental Disabilities defines Self-Determination as:

Individuals are the primary decision maker in their lives, pursue what is important to them and have a meaningful role in the community. This includes five key principles:

Creating Better Lives for Missourians with Developmental Disabilities

Self-Directed Supports (SDS)


Community Living and Accessible Housing

Family Support

Advocacy Specialist

Conference and Workshop Information

The Future is Now: Making the Connection - June 17 & 18

Supports for the Future: Building the Foundation for Individualized Supports

A workshop for people with disabilities, family members and support organizations. Self-Determination means that people with disabilities are supported to be the primary decision makers in their lives, pursue what is important to them, and have a meaningful role in the community. Learn about the self-determination and individualized support practices that are currently happening in Missouri and learn from the efforts of Neighbours, Inc.

The Division of Developmental Disabilities Launches the "Future is Now" Conference Website 2012
The page features pictures of the conference as well as the following for each presentation:

Tools and Resources

Self Determination in Missouri (Powerpoint)
Self Determination Resource Page
PATH to Self Determination
Support Coordinator Manual Self Determination - Philosophy and Values