Partnership for Hope Waiver

Partnership for Hope Waiver FAQ's
The Partnership for Hope Waiver began October 1, 2010. This is a new county-based waiver that is a result of a partnership of the Missouri Association of County Developmental Disabilities Services, the Division of Developmental Disabilities, and the MO HealthNet Division. Early research on best practices and the waiver development was supported by a grant from the Missouri Foundation for Health to the Missouri Association of County Developmental Disabilities Services. This waiver can serve adults and children and has an annual total waiver service cost limit per participant of $12,000. Eligibility requirements for participants includes being eligible for Missouri Medicaid, meeting eligibility criteria for Division of DD services, participants needs can be met with current community support system and waiver services not to exceed an annual cost of $12,000, participant meets ICF/ID Level of Care, participant resides in a participating county, participant meets crisis or priority criteria.

The Partnership for Hope Waiver was initially approved to serve 470 individuals in 37 counties. The waiver has been expanded several times. To see a map of the counties participating in the Partnership for Hope waiver, click here: Map of Partnership for Hope Waiver counties.

Services available for each of the waivers.

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