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The Division of Developmental Disabilities has a statewide employment initiative. Our vision is to increase the number of people working in integrated employment. Youth Transition/Employment Resource Coordinators are available in each regional office to provide technical assistance to individuals, families, providers and support (aka service) coordinators.  We strongly believe that employment should be the priority option provided prior to any other day service option. Our expectation is if someone is of working age they are expected to explore work options, build on career planning and engage in work that makes sense to them.

There is a intregrel link between self determination and employment. Understanding the link between self determination and employment is critical if we are to move forward in our vision that individuals truly have control over their own lives.

In 2011 the Division adopted an employment policy which sets forth our beliefs and expectations regarding work.

One of the Social Security Administration’s highest priorities is to help people with disabilities achieve independence by helping them to take advantage of employment opportunities.  Work incentives are rules intended to help disabled and blind SSI beneficiaries go to work by minimizing the risk of losing their SSI or Medicaid benefits. Learn more about work incentives including Ticket to Work, PASS plans and Missouri Ticket to Work Health Assurance.

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