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Supporting Families is one of the five focus and priority areas for the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DD). Family Support services help strengthen the family’s capacity to support family member(s) who have a developmental disability both in the home and in the community. Families play an essential role in the lives of people who have developmental disabilities and in the creation of services and supports they need and utilize. Families are generally the primary source of support for many people with developmental disabilities across their life span. The Division of DD recognizes the roles families have in supporting their family member(s) to develop self-determination and to achieve a quality life.

There is an integral link between self-determination and supporting families. Understanding the link between self-determination and supporting families is critical if we are to move forward in our vision that individuals truly have control over their own lives.

The Family Support Coordinator (FSC) is a member of the regional office’s Community Resource Team, which is located within each regional office across the state. FSCs are available to work with support (aka service) coordinators, families, regional office / division staff, and community stakeholders to promote and strengthen family support options, and to help build the families capacity to provide support to their family member(s) with a developmental disability. For more information about the FSC or to view a current listing of FSCs at each Regional Office, click on one of the links below:


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