Community Living and Accessible Housing Tools & Resources


Community Living Coordinator Brochure

It's My Home: A Guide for Individuals and Families to Understand the Division of Developmental Disabilities' Housing Initiative. This guide provides information about the Division's Housing Plan, and what the guiding principles mean for individuals and families.

March 2012: Northwest Community Services Successful Transitions Brochure

Stories of Successful Transitions: A Marshall Hab Center Publication - October 2012

Stories of Successful Transitions: A Marshall hab Center Publication - September 2011

Tip Sheets

Housing Resources Tip Sheet

Universal Design Housing Tip Sheet

Role of the Community Living Coordinator Tip Sheet

Housemate Safety and Compatibility Tip Sheet

Disability Friendly Businesses Tip Sheet


Habilitation Center Transition Webinar: This webinar covers the process for individuals to transition from a habilitation center to the community.


USDA Rural Development: For information regarding programs available through the USDA, including their Single Family Housing loans and grants.

Missouri Housing Development Commission: For information regarding the Missouri Housing Development Commission, include their funding for home loans to qualified first-time buyers.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development: For information regarding Fair Housing, home ownership, rental assistance, and much more.

Trauma Informed Community Building: This resource presents a model of Trauma Informed Community Building (TICB) developed by Bridge Housing Corporation and The Health Equity Institute at San Francisco State University. The TICB model addresses the challenges trauma poses to traditional community building strategies.


Housemate Compatibility Tool: This tool may help an individual find a housemate that has similar interests.


Missouri Inclusive Housing Development Corporation: This web site is designed to provide information about accessible and affordable housing in Missouri for persons with developmental disabilities.

Money Follows the Person: The overall goal of MFP is to support people who have disabilities and those who are aging to move from a nursing facility or habilitation center to a quality community setting that meets their needs and wants.

DDRB Transition Success Brochure

Conference Information

The Missouri Inclusive Housing Solutions Network Meeting was held April 24th & 25th, 2013. The meeting focused on the importance of collaboration and partnership in the effort to increase affordable, accessible housing in Missouri. For more information about the meeting, click here.