Recreation Therapy

ball juggling activityThe Recreation Therapy Department at Cottonwood Residential Treatment Center is a part of the multidisciplinary approach used to treat children with severe emotional and behavioral disorders. The purpose of Recreation Therapy is to develop skills for a more independent lifestyle and successful transition to community living. Therapeutic Recreation programs are to facilitate the acquisition and/or improvement of social, emotional, cognitive and physical functional abilities as they relate to play and recreation participation, and to overall development and adjustment.

Individual needs are addressed in daily Recreational Therapy groups that are structured to provide an important balance in treatment.  Everything from arts and crafts and creative expression activities to basketball, volleyball, and fitness are offered.  On the weekends, outings such as attending sporting and cultural events, biking, movies, camping, and fishing are available. Cottonwood currently utilizes several recreational facilities throughout the community. These facilities provide excellent opportunities for our residents that we cannot provide here at CRTC and are available for cottage activities.

volleyball game 1

volleyball game 2