About Us

cottonwood groundsCottonwood Residential Treatment Center is a cooperative venture between the Missouri Department of Mental Health and Southeast Missouri State University. Cottonwood facilities are located on the University campus and are leased from the University.  Cottonwood provides employment and field experiences for many of the University’s students.  Operation of the program and staffing are provided by the Department of Mental Health.  Services are funded through the Department of Mental Health, Federal Reimbursements, and client fees.


To be recognized as a provider of excellent mental health services to Missouri's children and families.


To care for children and adolescents in a safe nurturing environment with progressive treatment that encourages the development of healthy relationships with others.


Therapeutic Environment

cottonwood groundsIn addition to the Administration Building, Cottonwood consists of a classroom building and 4 cottages. Each cottage has a large living area, kitchen, dining area, bedrooms, bathrooms, and laundry.  The layout maximizes comfort, safety, and supervision.  The cottage environment allows opportunities to learn independent living and self-help skills.  Cottage life is designed to promote healthy experiences during growth and development.