Children's Office

The Department of Mental Health Office of Comprehensive Child Mental Health (Children’s Office) is housed in the Director’s Office to lead the development of a statewide System of Care.

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Children's Mental Health Week

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Chapter 630—Department of Mental Health

Comprehensive children's mental health service system to be developed--team established, members, duties--plan to be developed, content--evaluations to be conducted, when...

DMH Mission for Children and Youth:

Prevention, Treatment and Promotion of Public Understanding for all Missouri children who have mental illnesses, developmental disabilities and addictions.

DMH Vision for Children and Youth:

Missouri children receiving mental health services will have the opportunity to pursue their dreams and live their lives as valued members of their communities.

The System of Care is the method endorsed by DMH to achieve the vision.

Chapter 630—Department of Mental Health

Office of comprehensive child mental health established, duties--staff authorized.

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