Resources for Veterans and Their Families

Most military service members and veterans who see combat will not experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), substance abuse, or depression or have thoughts of suicide as a result of their experiences. For those who do have mental health and substance abuse needs, for their families, and for service providers, SAMHSA is dedicated to offering a variety of resources.

SAMHSA’s Resources for Veterans and Their Families

Other Resources

Children of Military Service Members Resource Guide

The document is a quick reference tool that addresses the mental and emotional well-being of military children.  Whether concerns are associated with deployment, rehabilitation or reintegration – aspects that are common with military service – they can be challenging for the entire family unit, especially children.  The resource guide is one way to help recognize and respond to the psychological and emotional health needs of children of military families. 

Free Talk Kit for Parents of Military Families

Designed specifically for military parents of tweens and teens, this kit provides ideas on how to start the conversation about drugs and alcohol, scripts to help you find the right words, and tips for answering tough questions and getting support from other adults around you.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Veterans Resource Center

NAMI recognizes the need for increased services for veterans and their families. With their Veterans Resources Center, NAMI has attempted to consolidate the most useful online resources. Whether you are looking for information on post-traumatic stress disorder, mental illness,or how to obtain Veterans Administration (VA) benefits, they have tried to provide an extensive list of sites online where you can find that information.