Missouri Behavioral Health Epidemiology Workgroup

Welcome to the website of the Missouri Behavioral Health Epidemiology Workgroup (MO-BHEW). This group represents state agencies and universities that share an interest in data on substance abuse, mental health, and other behavioral health. The workgroup is supported through funding from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Center for Substance Abuse Prevention.

Mission and Purpose of the MO-BHEW

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Data Website Operational

The MO-BHEW has completed the first phase of a website that provides access to a variety of Missouri behavioral health data. A querying tool allows users to select and compare indicators, subpopulations, time periods, and geographies. Data results are displayed as a chart which can be easily inserted into other work products or can be downloaded as a table for further manipulation. Currently available datasets include Missouri Student Survey, National Survey on Drug Use and Health, substance abuse and mental health treatment, problem indicators reported by state agencies, and census population estimates. Visit http://dmh.mo.gov/seow/default.aspx.

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MO-BHEW Reports

2014 Missouri State Epidemiological Profile

2013 Missouri State Epidemiological Profile

2014 Missouri Community Epidemiological Profiles

NEW: 2014 Missouri Student Survey County Summaries

MO-BHEW Year 2 Report

Missouri State/Community Instrument

Missouri Student Survey (MSS) Reports and Instruments

MO-BHEW Briefs

MO-BHEW Webinars

Creating Effective Charts and Graphs -- Susan Depue, Ph.D. (February 28, 2014)

Trends in Alcohol, Tobacco and Marijuana Use -- Susan Depue, Ph.D. (November 16, 2012)

Using Excel to Work with Data -- Susan Depue, Ph.D. (August 17, 2012)

Website Demonstration Webinar -- Susan Depue, Ph.D. (June 18, 2012)

Reporting Numbers (Quantitative Data) -- Susan Depue, Ph.D. (March 30, 2012)

Understanding Data -- Susan Depue, Ph.D. (February 17, 2012)

MO-BHEW Presentations

Creating Effective Charts and Graphs -- Susan Depue, Ph.D. (February 28, 2014)

ACT Missouri Conference Presentation -- Susan Depue, Ph.D. (November 19, 2013)

Data Querying Website -- Susan Depue, Ph.D. (February 14, 2011)

Web-based Data Products: Status Report and County Website -- Randy Smith (February 14, 2011)

State Epidemiology Outcomes Workgroup Overview -- Susan Depue, Ph.D. (January 18, 2011)

MO-BHEW Meeting Schedule

All meetings are held at the Missouri Department of Mental Health in Jefferson City unless otherwise noted.