No Butts About It

A Survey of Tobacco Use by Consumers of Mental Health Services

The Missouri Foundation for Health granted DMH funding to complete an assessment of tobacco use by consumers of mental health services. The actual survey work was subcontracted to MIMH and conducted during 2008. A total of 586 Missourians receiving services through mental health centers funded by the Department of Mental Health and 177 DMH-contracted psychiatric, substance abuse, and developmental disabilities provider agencies completed surveys on smoking practices. In addition, 345 consumers at three regional DMH developmental disabilities centers took part in the study by completing questionnaires.

Some results include:

The next step is to develop a plan to prevent and reduce tobacco use by consumers. DMH will be notified by May if the Foundation has approved the Department’s proposal for developing a plan in conjunction with the Missouri state tobacco prevention plan.

 Details of the No Butts About It assessment are available in the PDF documents listed below.