Hearings and Appeals

The Department of Mental Health has an internal process in place to challenge decisions made by Department of Mental Health administrators. This process occurs through administrative hearings. The Department of Mental Health's administrative hearings process is administered by the Department's Hearings Administrator. The office of the Hearings Administrator is located within the Director's Office Programs Unit in Jefferson City.

When a Department of Mental Health administrator takes an action against someone that the person does not agree, he/she may contest the administrator's decision by having an administrative hearing with the Department's Hearings Administrator. Some of the allegations/actions that may result in an administrative hearing include:

The authority for the Department of Mental Health administrator's action and the adversely affected party's right to an administrative hearing can be found in state statute, state regulation, and /or department regulation. The legal authority for the Department administrator's action will be in the written letter that contains the administrator's decision.

Statutes and Regulations that concern administrative hearings include:

In addition to the statutes and regulations stated in the Department Administrator's letter, you can read the

Guidelines or Standards of Practice in Administrative Hearings held before the Missouri