Metabolic Syndrome Screening Initiative

The DMH Net Metabolic Syndrome Screening Initiative started in 2008, and is designed to identify and manage individuals with serious mental illness that are at risk for diabetes.  The program is a joint initiative of the MO Department of Mental Health (DMH), the MO Coalition of Community Mental Health Centers (CMHC), the MO Primary Care Association (PCA) and The Independence Center.  CMT has assisted in the development and delivery of a number of features of this initiative, including:

Training for CMHC Nurse Liaisons

Psychoeducation for CMHC Patients

Training in Mental Illness for Diabetic Educators

Screening and Monitoring of Key Health Indicators

The results of the screenings will be entered into the CyberAccess registry.  Follow-up screenings are conducted for individuals with abnormal results. 

Patients who are found to be at risk for metabolic syndrome are offered onsite education using Diabetes Conversation Maps or are referred to certified Diabetes Self Management Education sites.