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Beginning 1/1/2012 Missouri will be providing “Health Homes” to Missourians who are Medicaid eligible participants with chronic illnesses. With the assistance of consultants funded by Missouri Foundation for Health, the State has collaborated with the Missouri Primary Care Association (PCA), the Missouri Coalition of Community Mental Health Centers (CMHC) and various stakeholders to develop a Health Home model for Missouri.

Dr. Joe Parks, Medical Director for Missouri’s Department of Mental Health, notes that the mentally ill have particular difficulty in obtaining integrated care. “Persons with serious mental illness and multiple chronic medical conditions often have many, many different healthcare providers and take many, different medications,” notes Parks. “Without care managers using data analytic tracking to find and address care gaps there is no way to assure that they get high quality health care that keeps them out of the ER and hospital and in their communities.”

What is a Health Home?

The Health Home is an alternative approach to the delivery of health care services that promises better patient experience and better results than traditional care. The Health Home has many characteristics of the Patient-Centered Medical Home but is customized to meet the specific needs of low-income patients with chronic medical conditions.

What are the components of Health Homes?

What are the Goals of Health Home Initiative?

Missouri will use this initiative to reduce inpatient hospitalization and emergency room visits, enhance the amount of primary care nurse liaison staffing available at community mental health centers, add primary care physician consultation, and enhance the State’s ability to provide transitional care between institutions in the community.

Who is eligible to be served in by a Health Home?

What chronic conditions qualify?

*qualifies a person for being at risk of having a second chronic condition

Who will be the providers of these services?

Selected CMHC's, FQHC's and public entity primary care clinics. Applications were disseminated for primary health care and behavioral health care providers to complete and return to the State for consideration to be a Health Home. Review of applications was performed by MO HealthNet and Department of Mental Health to make the final determination of selected practice sites. Specific practice selection was based upon the merits of each individual application and upon the CMS requirement that there be statewide geographic representation. Each application was reviewed and carefully considered.

Applicants qualifyng to be Health Homes will work to transform their practices over a two-year period by participating in ongoing training sessions or “learning collaboratives.” CMHCs will be required to obtain Health Home certification through nationally recognized Health Home accrediting organizations, and primary care practices will be required to obtain NCQA (National Committee for Quality Assurance) Health Home certification. At least 25% of a provider’s patient base must consist of Medicaid patients and/or uninsured patients.

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Community Mental Health Center Health Homes (CMHC-HH)

Implementation - CMHC

Primary Care Practice Health Homes (PCP-HH)

Implementation - Primary Care

Partners in Developing Missouri Health Homes

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