Behavioral Pharmacy Management (BPM) for Prescribers

Configurable programs to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs

CMT's Behavioral Pharmacy Management™ solution helps improve prescribing practices by identifying clinicians whose prescribing patterns deviate from current clinical best-practices. Proprietary clinical algorithms, called Quality Indicators™, are run against claims data — pharmacy, diagnostic, and medical services — to provide risk stratification and identify gaps in care and deviations from evidence-based guidelines.  Physicians are alerted through collegially written Clinical Considerations™, which include supporting citations from the medical literature and are accompanied by detailed case demographics and a 90-day pharmacy history for affected patients.  Peer-to-Peer Telephone Consultations with board-certified psychiatrists to consult on prescribing practices are also available, as desired by clients.  Since it was implemented in Missouri in 2003, BPM has helped: